Jekyll Creek STM 681.5

18 Apr

This has been a shoal area for several years.  But there is 9 feet of tide here so with a little planning it is easy to transit. Our observations, after a number of transits over  the past few years, is that if a tug and  barge goes through at near low tide, the channel is deeper.  This was the case in the spring of 2016, but it filled in again.  In November of 2017 the best water we could find was only  about 3.5 feet.  A barge went through in mid-February 2018 and our passage on March 19, 2018 showed  depths of about 5 feet in the worst section near G19..   We were running  Navionics Sonar Charts on an iPad at the helm and we  “drove the white”, meaning we tried to steer to and through the charted 6’ depths .  We followed what Navionics suggested was the deepest water and what we saw would correct to 5 feet MLLW.


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