Jacksonville St. Johns River Crossing STM 741

9 Apr

We crossed the St. Johns River northbound in mid March. This area at the north end of Pablo Creek, where it meets the St. Johns River, was dredged and re buoyed in 2016.  Here again, some the buoys are not correctly shown on the latest updated charts NOAA 11491 (2/03/2018) making this section confusing.  The buoys are in the same locations we saw them in early February and for both transits through here we just followed the USCG ATONs.  G1 and R2 are correct as are R8 and G9.  However, R6 is no longer there and several other buoys have been added.  Water depth corrects to 10 to 20 feet MLLW. Blue route has waypoints listed.  The highlighted track is our latest transit.


  1. Donna Hathaway

    We ran into this a few days ago. The markers did not match our chart and it was very confusing!

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