ICW: South of McClellanville STM 430 to STM 435

4 Apr

South of McClellanville This long-standing shoal stretch has not dredged itself. It seem to be filling in at a slow rate, and in the past year has shoaled another 3-6 inches.

The chart below covers this shallow stretch. It starts at G47 Awendaw Creek and ends at G35A Jeremy Creek, McClellanville. From G47 to R42 just stay in visual center to have depths of 8 to 20 feet MLLW. Between R42 and G39 we saw several spots showing as little as 6.6 feet and we had +3.1 of help. This means that these areas would have 3.5 feet MLLW. In November we saw 4 feet through here. Through this stretch we attempted to follow the best available water as shown on the Sonar Charts. That seemed to bring us right down the visual center of the channel. We continued to mark spots with 4.5 to 5.5 feet MLLW several times all the way to G35A. At high tide you will have 8 feet of tidal help.

Note: A track either side of our track might yield different depths. However, if you draw more than 3.5 feet it is strongly advised that you wait till at least a full hour and a half after low tide when you will have about one foot of tidal help.

Awendaw Creek at G47 is a very good anchorage if you find you have to wait for a better tide. On the other end, Jeremy Creek at G35A is the home to the McClellanville shrimping fleet and has adequate depths. If you transit late in the day, Leland Oil Company, the McClellanville marina, is very accommodating. Be sure not to round off the corners as you turn into Jeremy creek you will go aground. You proceed at moderate must make an abrupt turn into the creek once you can look down the visual center. Deeper water in the creek is on the east side.

This historic village is very small, but beautiful. There are massive ancient live oaks towering over the homes and the Episcopal church. The Deer Head Oak is documented to be over 1200 years old and may be the oldest life form east of the Mississippi.


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