Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff STM 518

18 Apr

Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff  between R 180 to R184 is shallow and narrow.  Our track through here was along the visual center of the cut.  On our track between R184 and G 181  the shallowest we noticed would be 6.1 feet MLLW.

This is significantly better than the 4.5 feet saw heading south, which tells us that that the track you take may yield quite different depths.  Recommend that you have some tidal help and transit on a rising tide. R172 to R 168 we stayed in visual center NOT chart center.  There is over 10 feet MLLW.

As you get to Rock Creek, stay in the visual center until you are out in the creek.  There appears to be a shoal building out from G177.


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