Roaring in the Roaring Forties

14 Dec
Dubarry Crosshaven Boots in action on Scallywag, Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018, credit Ricardo Pinto
They don’t call them the Roaring Forties for nothing and right now those Forties are starting to roar while the seven teams competing in the Volvo Ocean Race are suiting up for the challenge. Since leaving Cape Town the sailors have been keeping an eye on an intense low pressure system rolling in from the west. On a weather map it looks like a swirling beast that will be impossible to avoid. The best the sailors can do will be to ride it out making sure that they stay above the center of the low to keep in the strong westerly winds.
These low pressure systems circumnavigate Antarctica with almost nothing other than Cape Horn in their way. The gather steam as they churn uninterrupted and push along mountains of water that lifts the boats sending them plummeting down the face of sometimes cresting waves. It’s a thrill ride for those who love living life at the extreme and it’s most certainly not for the faint of heart. Between waves the yachts submarine in the troughs with icy cold water cascading aft toward the crew huddled in the cockpit. The legendary Sir Peter Blake called it ‘Going into the Green Room.’ 

This low pressure is packing a steady 40 knots with gusts closer to 50. Fortunately  for the sailors the wind is from astern but it’s Southern Ocean wind which is different from tropical wind. It’s moist, heavy and packs a wallop. It’s unrelenting and unforgiving. The best the crews can do is make sure that they are dressed for the weather and we know that two teams, Brunel & Scallywag are kitted out with the finest sailing boots available – The Dubarry Crosshaven engineered and crafted to take on a Southern Ocean gale.

Dubarry trainers in action on Scallywag, Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018, credit Ricardo Pinto
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