Trailer Out for Donald Crowhurst Biopic, The Mercy

29 Nov

I’m still in.

I’ve been long awaiting this film’s release, here and here, and now it looks like it is being rolled out:

“THE MERCY has a running time of c2 hours. It will be released in Portugal on November 23rd, in the Netherlands on December 14th, in Australia on February 8th, in the UK on February 9th, in Poland on March 2nd, in France on March 7th, in New Zealand on March 8th and in Germany on March 29th.”

United States? Hello? What are we, chopped liver? It says elsewhere it’s coming out in 2017, but there ain’t much of 2017 left.

One critic has reviewed it here and gives it a mostly positive review, especially Colin Firth’s performance.

Still, will it appeal to sailors, or will the sailing bits make us shake our heads in disgust, as with just about every other movie about sailing? The trailer does indulge a bit in the dreaded man clinging to top of mast in middle of storm for no good reason trope. And some way too big waves, probably a model filmed in a tank.

But I’m still in…if it’s ever released in the US.

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  1. Herb Happel

    Let us not forget that Sir Robin Knox-Johnston donated his cash prize for winning the Golden Globe to Donald Crowhurst’s widow.

  2. Bruce Conron

    I agree. Bearing in mind that they have made a movie for mass appeal, we can only hope that the depiction of the elements that ocean racers contend with is realistic, that someone who actually completed the Sunday Times Golden Globe in 1969, namely Robin Knox-Johnston, was consulted in its making. Donald Crowhurst was the victim of a manufactured media event. The other victim has been, for coming on 50 years, his spouse and widow Clare Crowhurst. There’s an ineffable sadness to this “strange last voyage,” particularly revealed in the DVD Deep Water and elaborated on in Eakin’s retrospective book Race Too Far. I hope that Rachel Weisz has been given the opportunity to reveal the bonds that have bound her to Donald ever since that fateful day of his departure on a voyage he was unprepared for. There will never be a depth sounder capable of finding the bottom of the human soul.

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