Mia’s Book Project – “Mot en ny Horisont”

25 Oct

I am super excited to tell you about a book project i have been involved with during the fall.  

Together with 10 Swedish Sailors, we have each written a chapter in the book “Mot en Ny Horisont”. All proceeds will go directly towards donation in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma & Maria that hit the Caribbean earlier this fall. 

The book is currently available in Swedish and Danish, and maybe one day it will be translated into English and other languages?


Buy ‘Mot en Ny Horisont’

To give you the back story of the project… It was the beginning of September and we were ready to set sail from Copenhagen towards Visby onboard Isbjorn. I opened up my email before losing 4G and had an email from Thomas Veber asking me if I wanted be involved in a book project. I immediately said YES, not sure how, but YES I wanted to be involved. A few days later I started to feel a bit antsy – I’m not a storyteller, and my sailing language in Swedish is not the most polished – as you know in English, the boat language is a language all itself, and it’s the same in Swedish… But since Thomas said that all proceeds would go towards the people effected by Irma & Maria I felt being involved wass the least I could do.

So I sat down in front of the computer when we got back to the farm house after putting Isbjorn to bed for the winter and flying back to the USA for the Annapolis Boat Show. It took me a little while to get started, but a week later I had something that looked like a first draft.

A big Thanks to Thomas who started the project and trusted my storytelling! I did the easy part – I wrote my chapter and sent it in to Thomas. With his magic energy he has not just put the book together but also found sponsors and got the book printed.

To pre-buy the book, go visit oceandream.se/shop/mot-horisonten/

It could be a great Christmas Gift to your loved onces at home, or why not order it for your employees, etc, a book instead of a bottle of wine for the Christmas party! There are lots of excuses to buy the book. :)

And remember, all proceeds goes directly to help people in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma & Maria that hit the Caribbean in September…

This is what my story will be about, any guesses? :)

Arcturus med vinden bakom oss.JPG

Land Ho! Clint uppe i masten Andy med kikaren i högsta hugg .JPG

Andy och jag när vi ser land efter 23 dagar.JPG

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