202: Johnny Owens & Paul Rogan // Ireland to Iceland

7 Aug

Johnny Owens & Paul Rogan are 2/6th of the ‘Ireland to Iceland 2017’ crew whom we met on the docks in the faraway fishing town of Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides. Their gang of merry sailors were on an adventure to the Arctic in a 40-foot steel ketch, Johnny’s father as captain, making music as they want in the pubs along the way. We invited them to Isbjorn to share their story of adventure and creativity. Their expedition is designed to raise funds and awareness for Good2Talk Westmeath, a Mullingar, Ireland-based charity who provide Suicide Prevention, Counselling and Psychotherapy service.

Follow their adventures:
Facebook: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017
Instagram: @irelandtoiceland2017

Photos from ‘Ireland to Iceland 2017’:

 "The Skipper and the Nipper Owens". Photo from: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017

 Martha Jane. Photo from: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017

Amazing day exploring Krafla Volcano, a mighty experience and my first time to walk on lava, Iceland.

 With Paul Taaffe  and John Owens . Photo from: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017

 The boat doctors have worked their magic and Martha Jane has a new gearbox installed which had to come from another island. Everything is in check and we will be leaving Vágur, Suderoy, Faroe Islands heading in the direction of Seyòisfjöròur, Iceland. Photo from: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017

 We made it!  Good 2 Talk Westmeath  — with Tommy Owens ,  Paul Rogan  and Paul Taaffe . Photo from: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017

 "Team Ireland to Iceland 2017 are going to be playing a few tunes here tonight at 9 bells. We are actually the first group of musicians to play in the cafe and the owner extended his opening hours tonight for us. Looking forward to it." Photo from: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017

 Photo from: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017/photos

 Thanks to all our sponsors. We got all the vinyl signage on yesterday. Martha Jane just got an upgrade! Photo from: facebook.com/irelandtoiceland2017/photos


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