Lick WHAT?

30 Apr

April 30, 2017

The close of springtime high school sailing over the weekend coincided with the opening day of a heat wave on the San Francisco cityfront. Race one of the city championship was delayed, and so we find that a skateboard can be an important component of a complete sailing kit.

Anyone not local might struggle with the notion that temperatures in the high sixties Fahrenheit – almost seventy degrees – would qualify as a heat wave, and that just means they’re not local to the San Francisco cityfront. But the weather hold was mercifully brief. Soon enough the sea breeze switched on, and it was game on for sailors from seven city high schools. Think warm breeze and smooth water, a rare and magical day on the bay. Here the fleet is mustering for a start, and yes, it takes just one Coach Adam to run a regatta . . .

So a day that began with a touch of whimsy . . .

Became a thing of beauty. St. Francis Yacht Club established a temporary outstation at the tip of the breakwater, aka the Wave Organ . . .

And parent volunteers fired up a BBQ that stayed busy all day, with sailors rotating on and off the water . . .

Did we mention it was a warmish day?

With just a couple of races to go, the day was tight between Lick and University, each a first timer in the role. The four previous city championships had gone Urban, Bay, Urban, Bay.

In the end, the day went to Lick Wilmerding High, an institution that traces its orgins to 1874. And yes, I’ve had a “Lick WHAT?” t-shirt sighting. Here are the 2017 city champs: James Scherr, Parker Klebahn, Bryan Anderson, and Tyler Davis.

Just in time to study for finals. Sorry kids.

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