Donald Crowhurst Movie Update

19 Apr


My original announcement of the movie is here. There has been little news since, but the production company has thrown us a few bones:

1. It’s actually happening! There is going to be a mainstream movie about Donald Crowhurst and the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, starring Oscar best actor winner Colin Firth as Crowhurst, and Rachel Weisz as Clare Crowhurst. This is likely to be the biggest movie ever made about sailing, or at least sailboat racing. They couldn’t have chosen a more fascinating and portentous moment in our sport.

2. They released the photo above. That’s it. That’s the teaser. A still of Colin Firth, as Crowhurst, looking worried aboard the re-created Teignmouth Electron. Read into it what you will.

3. The title of the film is The Mercy.

Beyond that they just say it will be released in 2017 sometime, and I will be the first in line.

Here is the story in the Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Clark

    Mr. Morris, On behalf of Cinecanal, you’ve got the job! I *assume* that if they can build a realistic replica of Teignmouth Electron, and they’re making a movie about a round-the-world sailing race, they’ll do a decent job on the sailing…but we’ve been let down before.

  2. Cuyler Morris

    Do you need some sailing consultants….our sport can’t handle another “All is Lost” film disaster …. you need to portray accurate sailing action with the people as well as the boats. I have 100,000 ocean miles, Americas Cup and Olympic Star sailing background.

    Cuyler Morris
    Morris Yachts

  3. Jon Scott

    They did use a different location for the Boatyard shots. It was Dawes Boatyard, Maldon, Essex.

  4. Andy

    My mother in law lives near to Teignmouth but not heard anything about them filming there but maybe they used a different location.

  5. Nabil Amra

    They sure have been quiet about this movie for a long time. I hope they don’t make us wait all through ’17 to see it!
    Looks great though, I’m surprised it took this long for it to be made, being such a fascinating story.

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