188: Hammarberg Family Circumnavigation

24 Apr

Linda Hammarberg & her husband Ludvig recently returned to Sweden after a multi-year circumnavigation with their two young kids, Otto & Lovis, onboard ‘Mary af Roverhamn,’ their Joshua-type steel ketch. During parts of the voyage they were followed by a film crew from Swedish television for the first season of the show ‘Familjer pa Äventyr’ – which basically translates to ‘Families on Adventure.’ The Hammarberg’s are typically Swedish, in that they’re very humble, and yet very accomplished sailors. Mia & I spoke to them in their shoreside home in Marstrand in January about their adventures sailing around the world and the struggles they had on returning home. Follow their continuing adventures on symary.com.

How to find s/y Mary & the Hammarberg family:

Website: symary.com
Youtube: youtube.com/TheSymary
Instagram: @linda_hammarberg
Twitter: @symary

Familjer på Äventyr videos:

The videos are in Swedish, with no translation. But they are great anyway for inspiration, so give it a chance even if you are not a native Swede.

Episode 1:

Watch all Episodes of ‘Familjer på Äventyr, Säsong 1’ på symary.com/tv-serien/

Photos from the Hammarberg Family





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  1. Capt. John E. Orr, Retired

    Your family warms an old skipper’s heart. I cruised long ago, with
    kids for a crew and the pure joy of watching them enjoy learning overcomes the separation of language. Bon voyage and con-

  2. John Kersey

    x sailor c22, cancer, had to let her, go meds wont let me in the sun for xtended time.
    ms magoo was in for work on her keel, left her instead of payment.
    did not look back.
    singlehander for 8 yrs, had lots of good time, hope your walk away time is not near.

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