187: Matt Rutherford Charts Greenland

17 Apr

#187. Matt Rutherford is a longtime friend of the podcast and founder of the Ocean Research Project. Matt became famous, of course, for his legendary Solo the America’s voyage, during which he sailed a 27’ Albin Vega around both American continents. In our latest chat, recorded in Sweden back in January, Matt recalls the summer of 2016 in Greenland, where he & his partner Nicole piloted their research schooner Ault into the uncharted waters of the far north, nearly coming to grief in a wild Arctic storm and subsequently being rescued by the Danish Navy. Matt is one of the best storytellers we’ve had on the show, so I just let him go to town again in this one, and he doesn’t disappoint. Follow Matt’s ongoing adventures at oceanresearchproject.org.

Isbjorn's Atlantis-series mechanical ship's bell clock.


Isbjorn’s Atlantis-series mechanical ship’s bell clock.

Ocean Research Project

Click the link above to see stories and videos from Matt’s recent summer in Greenland.

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