186: Heavy Weather Sailing w/Andy Schell

10 Apr

Today’s episode is a recording I made of my seminar on Heavy Weather Sailing I gave at last weekends Ocean Sailing Seminar, hosted by World Cruising Club in Annapolis. While I’m lucky not to have too many gnarly heavy-weather sea stories of my own, I’ve studied the subject for years and enjoying talking about it theoretically. What follows is a discussion on what I feel are the ‘best practices’ for handling heavy weather, of course brought to life by a few of my own sea stories. Follow along with slides from the presentation at 59-north.com/heavyweather.

Attainable Adventure Cruising // morganscloud.com

Seminar Slides

HW Sailing Slides.001.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.002.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.006.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.007.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.008.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.009.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.010.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.011.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.012.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.013.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.014.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.015.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.016.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.017.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.018.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.019.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.020.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.021.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.022.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.023.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.024.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.025.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.026.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.027.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.028.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.029.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.030.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.031.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.032.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.033.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.034.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.035.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.036.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.037.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.038.jpeg

HW Sailing Slides.039.jpeg

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