Our new Podcast “Sailing Stories”

2 Feb

It’s been quiet on the blogging front as of late. Winter, and hustling to start 3 new businesses will do that to you. However, that’s not to say I haven’t been making content. God knows I consume enough content: writing, youtube, and podcasts – especially podcasts. I love podcasts.The unique thing about them is that you can be entertained or even learn something new while doing some mindless activity. Driving, mowing the lawn, sanding teak, finishing out your 2 – 6 am watch. I can double my productivity on even the most boring, yet necessary tasks! 

I’ve listened for years to a curated stock of my favorite podcasts, but I’m finally stepping up and taking an active role in producing one. I’ve attempted to create podcasts before – I even have an entire episode finished that I was making about when we quit our well-paying jobs and went off cruising. Call it laziness or lack of cofinance but I just couldn’t get to the point of releasing that particular project.

I was approached by my good friend Andy Schell to help make a new podcast and we finally have a few episodes to share with the world. We call it “Sailing Stories” the idea is to produce long-form narrative content centering around tales from the sea. Our first season is an audio adaptation of the book “Brave or Stupid”. Join Janne Larsson & Kalle Andersson as they set off to sail around the world on a handshake and lots of ambition. It’s going to run for 12 weeks, one 45-60 minute installment every week. 

It’s produced by both myself and Andy Schell of 59-North and the already successful “On the Wind” podcast.  Forbes Horton Yachts has stepped up to sponsor the first season. Big thanks to them for partnering with the new show. 

Here’s the link to the iTunes feed – Please enjoy and let me know what y’all think. 




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