179: Martin Hasselov

14 Feb


Martin Hasselov is a sailor and PHD scientist based on the beautiful West Coast – which the locals call the ‘best coast’ – of Sweden. Martin has a lifelong love for the sea which started as a small boy fishing in his families rowboats. After college he built a steel ketch from a bare hull to explore further afield. Now armed with a PHD in marine science, Martin recently bought an ex-BT Challenge yacht – a steel 67-footer designed for a southern ocean circumnavigation the ‘wrong way round’ – and uses it as an educational platform for promoting marine science locally, and exploring the world’s oceans further afield.

Find Martin Hasselöv and Rhimfare:

Website: Hrimfare.com
Facebook: facebook.com/hrimfare
Project ‘Don’t Tell the Children’: donttellthechildren.com
Youtube: youtube.com/results?search_query=hrimfare

Photos from Martin:

Hrimfare at Christiansö

Martin meeting a Danish meyor and TV at one of the marine litter exhibitions

Hrimfare at Skutholmen

Martin_at helm.jpg

Hrimfare at Väderöarna

Sampling for microplastics from Hrimfare

Hrimfare sailing in Force 10 storm

Hrimfare in Norway

Sailing with a local highschool

Martin at helm with marine litter campaign stuff on the stern

Martin accompanied by youngest son Arve

Hrimfare mored at a small Bohuslan island

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