Looking back on 2016!

12 Jan

What a year it has been! 2016 was truly a busy year for us with lots of sailing on Isbjorn and wrapping up our last year with World Cruising Club and running the sailing rallies, seminars and boat show together with them.

In the end of December, Andy and I celebrated 10 years from when we met in New Zealand. Over a beer (or two) we reminisced about the past year and started sharing our favorite stories. It truly has been a blast, with lots of sailing and traveling. We have visited some old favorite spots and discovered new ‘need to visit again’ places. Cuba and Newfoundland are some of the new highlights and as always we wish we could have spent more time there! We got to sail Arcturus for a last time and helped her new owner getting her ready for a season in the water! I got my citizenship and Andy had his appendix removed. Because of and thanks to our busy and flexible schedule, we got to visit a lot of friends throughout the year and managed to squeeze in a weekend in the Sthlm archipelago helping out at the ‘Ö till Ö World Championship’ on the media team. 

Thanks to all of you for making 2016 a special and memorable year – we are now excited about the busy 2017 ahead of us and the next 10,000 miles!

Our 2016 in photos!

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 'Best Christmas present ever'! Dec. 2015

 We started the New Year sailing in the Virgin Islands with Mia's parents. Jan 2016

 Culebra is one of our new favorite places! jan 2016

 New Year in the Caribbean! Jan 2016

 A visit to Toronto in the beginning of January for the boat show! Stopped for a 'fika' in Kensington Market. Jan 2016

 Andy getting in the right mood for the seminars at the Toronto Boat Show! Jan 2016

 Meeting up with former crew Les & John in Toronto for some Indian food and a movie. Jan 2016

 Seminars at the Toronto Boat Show. Jan 2016

 Leg 1, 2016 from the BVI. Got turned around due to a broken furler. Jan 2016

 Clint & Cicci on the first leg of the year. Jan 2016

 Our friend Clint up the mast! On the way to St. Martin Feb 2016

 We had a brand new Harken furler sent to the BVI. Crew Ryan and Clint putting it together. Amazingly it worked on the first try! Jan 2016

 Sunrise hike on Ile Fourche! Feb 2016

 Sunrise hike on Ile Fourche! Feb 2016   

 Leg 2, 2016 from BVI to Antigua. Sailed on to anchor in Ile Fourche. Feb 2016

 While Andy spent time in the Caribbean sailing Isbjörn, Mia was in Sweden for a month catching up with friends and family. Feb 2016

 Isbjorn under spinnaker during the RORC Caribbean 600 race! Feb 2016. Photo credit Tim Wright, www.photoaction.com

 crew Dan Shea during the RORC Caribbean 600 race. Feb 2016

 Isbjorn participated in the RORC Caribbean 600 race from Antigua. Feb 2016

 RORC Caribbean 600, unfortunately we had to quit the race after 2/3 of the course du to a leaky rudder. Feb 2016

 Andy picked me up from the airport in Antigua on scooter, 2 big bags and  2 big people, no problem! Feb 2016

 Fun hiking in Antigua! March. 2016

 Lots of swimming down in Antigua! March 2016

 Isbjorn getting hauled at Antigua Slipway, hauling the boat out in new places always makes me nervous! March 2016

 Reparing the rudder at Antigua Slipway. March 2016

 Sunrise hike overlooking English Harbor in Antigua, day before heading back to Annapolis for a week! March 2016

 During the time of the rudder repair in Antigua, Andy & I flew up to Annapolis for a week to host the Ocean Sailing Seminar in Annapolis and also speak at the Fawcett in Annapolis. March 2016

 The rudder got repaired in Antigua, Andy & I spent a lot of time hiking and exploring! March 2016

 Donkeys and goats roam freely around the island of Antigua and they also have a donkey sanctuary that we visited one day on our scooter ride around the island! March 2016

 Typical cruising life in the islands. Getting the dinghy up on the foredeck while sailing between the islands. March 2016

 Back in Grand Case, St. Martin. We haven't been here since our Broadreach days in 2009! March 2016

 Our intern Liz joined Isbjorn for the first time in Antigua, and sailed with us to Puerto Rico via St. Martin. March 2016

 Amazing sail from Puerto Rico to Cuba, 7 days of mostly downwind sailing! April 2016

 Swimming in the deep ocean, on the way to Cuba, just of the Bahamian island Inagua Island. April 2016

 Andy taking Isbjorn into Marina Hemingway, Havana! April 2016

 Sipping coffee on a roof top in havana, Cuba. April 2016

 Arrival to Havana, Cuba! Such a cool feeling to be here, celebrated with bubble early in the morning! April 2016

 Isbjorn docked in Marina Hemingway, Havana Cuba. We rented a house in Havana for four days during our visit while Isbjorn stayed at the marina. April 2016

 Visited Havana, Cuba, very unique experience and truly a 2016 highlight! April 2016

 Sailing up to Ft. Lauderdale form Key West with Andy's dad, not a very pleasant trip; 30kt on the nose, against the Gulf Stream.. Amazing though to have Pam Wall and her friend greet us at the dock on arrival! April 2016

 Andy's sister Kaitie got married to her Kevin in Key West. April 2016

 An Isbjorn for Isbjorn. April 2016

 Hosting the Seminar for the ARC DelMarVa rally at Chesapeake Sailmakers loft in Annapolis, one of the World Cruising Club activities we have been involved in. April 2016

 Hanging with our friends Tom & Darlene at their house in Richmond, VA! Way too short! April 2016

 Visiting our friends Tom & Darlene in VA, such a nice mini-vacation! April 2016

 Cozy spring back in PA. May 2016

 ARC Europe start from Portsmouth, VA. Wine at the deck of Glencoe Inn B&B, more than a tradition. Ironically, this is the house I spent the most time in during 2016! May 2016

 Visiting Ben Weems in Oxford, MD on the way back from Portsmouth, VA. We bought Arcturus from Ben in 2008 and has been friends ever since.  May 2016

 A proud new American citizen! May 2016

 First picnic as an American Citizen, Philadelphia! May 2016

 Morning swim at Andy's aunt & uncle in PA. May 2016

 Not sure who this is and where this is, anyone?

 Pam waiving goodbye as we are heading out for a sunset sail on Etienne's trimaran in Ft. Lauderdale. May 2016

 Visited our friend Pam Walls for a few days in Ft. Lauderdale, went our on an afternoon sail with Etienne from ATN inc. March 2016

 Podcast video recorded with Pam Wall at her house in Ft. Lauderdale. May 2016

 Mia the giant! Visiting our friend Pam Wall in Ft. Lauderdale a few days; her Freya 39  Kandarik  behind us. Isbjorn was docked just across the street from her. May 2016

 Podcast video recorded with Etienne from ATN inc. in his shop in Ft. Lauderdale. May 2016

 Our friend Mark Baummer passed Isbjorn on a big sip coming up the bay. We look pretty small down there... May 2016

 Leg 5 2016 from Ft. Lauderdale to Annapolis! Isbjorn is now back in the Chesapekae after a winter in the Caribbean. May 2016

 In the process of moving our stuff to Sweden. Here packing up our road bikes to fly back with us. July 2016

 The new owner of Arcturs get to see her for the first time.  We flew over to Sweden to help him launch and rig her. June 2016

 Andy and the new owner of Arcturus on the way to Stockholm. June 2016

 We sailed Arcturus with Neil to Stockholm and stayed overnight for the last time. June 2016

 10 year anniversary for Johanna & my annually summer picnic! First time the boys were invited! June 2016

 Picnic with our friends Johanna & David at Siggesta Gård in Sweden! Like our ride? June 2016

 Having fun in Sweden! June 2016

 One of the many train rides in to Stockholm! June 2016

 Some weather coming our way? Summer in Annapolis! June 2016

 Met up with our friend Daniel who we worked together with at Broadreach back in '09. He was passing through Annapolis on  a boat and we invited him over to Isbjorn for lunch! June 2016

 Sunset cruise from Annapolis on our friend Micah's boat S/V Entropic. June 2016

 Sunset sail on the Chesapeake on our friend Micah's Alberg 35' 'Entropic'. June 2016

 Such a nice evening on s/v Entropic, sunset sail with our friend Micah and intern Liz. June 2016

 Andy! July 2016

 Lots of fog this summer! Here Bruce and Jim motoring through the fog up to Canada. July 2016

 Appendecitis symptoms offshore, diverted to Newport and Andy had surgery. July 2016

 Crew enjoying a day in Newport while Andy had his appendecitis surgery. July 2016

 Andy's dad Dennis took over as captain from Newport to Lunenburg while Andy recovered from apendecitis surgery. July 2016

 our intern Liz joined us in Annapolis to sail north to Lunenburg with Isbjorn. July 2016

 Mia at the helm. July 2016

 Lunenburg to St. John's crew! July 2016

 Lots of dolphins, puffins and humpback whales as we sailed up the coast of Newfoundland to St. John's. Luckily the fog lifted. July 2016

 Lots of whales around the boat as we sailed up the coast on the way up to St. John's, Newfoundland. One of the many highlights of 2016! July 2016

 Exciting last stretch to St. Johns harbor! July 2016

 Entering St. John's harbour, Newfoundland. This is as far north as Isbjorn went this year! July 2016

 Got to borrow a scooter from our friend and former crew Dan up in St. John's, Newfoundland. July 2016

 Hiking around Mad Rock during our visit to Newfoundland! July 2016

 A scooter ride out to Cape Spear Lighthouse, Newfoundland. July 2016

 Spent a week in Newfoundland, lots of hiking and running! July 2016

 Arriving in thick fog to St. Pierre early morning to the smell of freshly baked bread from the bakeries ashore. July 2016

 Crew Dan finally found his celebratory Chocolate Milkshake in St. Pierre. July 2016

 Cheese and wine! Back in the French island of St. Pierre, just south of Newfoundland. Last time we were here was on our way across the Atlantic back in 2011. July 2016

 Amazing hiking around St. Pierre. July 2016

 Hiking around St. Pierre, fog is more common than not! July 2016

 Lots of good desserts in the French little paradise St. Pierre! July. 2016

 Sailed by Sable Island on the way back to Lunenburg, a very calm day with no fog! July 2016

 Foggy swim on the way from St. Johns to Lunenburg! Just after the swim, the fog lifted, the wind picked up and we sailed under spiknnaker all the way back to Lunenburg. Aug. 2016

 Amazing spinnaker run on the way back to Lunenburg! Aug. 2016

 Morning swim in Lunenburg! Aug 2016

 Liz up the mast under way from Lunenburg back to Annapolis. July 2016

 The beautiful sunsets and sunrises just keep coming offshore! Aug. 2016

 Great sailing on the way back to Annapolis from our summer in Canada! Aug. 2016

 C&D canal on the way back to Annapolis from Lunenburg. Sweden beat USA in women soccer, a happy Mia! Aug.2016

 Back in Annapolis again, docked in town after coming down from Canada! Aug. 2016

 Amazing to be back home and catch up with old friends! Aug 2016

 Hanging with old friends from back home in Sweden! Aug 2016

 Big thanks to the Ronge family for hosting us during the Hallberg-Rassy 'Öppna Varv' on the West Coast of Sweden. Morning coffee with this view for almost a week! Aug. 2016

 Participated in 'Öppna Varv' on Orust, Sweden. Aug 2016

 Participated in 'Öppna Varv' on Orust, Sweden. Aug 2016

 Podcast recorded with Magnus Rassy onboard the Hallberg-Rassy 64. Aug 2016

 Andy and I helped out at the 'Ö till Ö world Championship' with social media in the Sthlm archipelago, Andy running around the course with the media team and Mia posted at the finish line! Such a fun group of people! Sept. 2016

 Picking mushroom in the forest just a few steps from the house in Sweden. Sept. 2016

 Lots and lots of apples in Sweden at the house! Sept 2016

 Podcast recording with Bob Shepton at the Southampton Boat Show. Sept.2016

 Podcast recorded with Rick Tomlinson in his studio in Cowes, UK. Sept. 2016

 A podcast highlight! Met up with Robin Knox-Johnson in Southampton. Sept. 2016

 Checking out some of Rick Tomlinson's projects in his studio in Cowes. Sept. 2016

 Met up with Bob Shepton at the Southampton Boat Show for another 'On the wind chat'. Sept. 2016

 Of course lots of Swedish boat at the Southampton Show! Mia happy to see her flag! Sept. 2016

 Checking out the new Swan 54 at the Southampton Boat Show. Sept. 2016

 Checking out some cool boats at the Southampton Boat Show, here a Bestevaer Sept . 2016

 Another highlight of 2016, met up with Sir Robin Knox-Johnson at the Southampton Boat Show for an 'On the wind' chat. Sept. 2016

 Travel through the English countryside, such a beautiful day! 4 days in England and only a few drops of rain! Sept. 2016

 Andy before his 1st tattoo, at Salong Betong in Sthlm, Sweden, the second one came already a few month later! June 2016

 Andy's tattoo in progress, at Salong Betong in Stockholm, Sweden. Sept. 2016

 Andy getting tattoed in Sweden! Sept. 2016

 Straight from the garden at our house in Sweden! Sept. 2016

 Last day in Sweden before heading back to the USA for the Annapolis Boat Show and C1500. Oct. 2016

 Lots of traveling this year! Here in Iceland heading back to the USA for the Annapolis Boat Show. Oct 2016

 Isbjorn in the Annapolis Boat Show, such a great platform during the show to meet new and old crew and friends! Oct 2016

 Our amazing friends and family that helped us during the Annapolis Boat show, love you all! Oct 2016

 Another 2016 highlight was to have Isbjorn in the Annapolis Boat Show, basically a 5 day whirlwind of fun! Oct. 2016

 Rafted up with our boat besties Lee & Rachel on Satori and Tom & Darlene after the boat show! Oct 2016

 On anchor in back Creek, too lazy to get our own dinghy out, got to borrow this from a friend, but could not find the oars. Oct 2016

 Beautiful morning in Back Creek, Annapolis. Our friends Lee & Rael on Satori on anchor. Oct 2016

 Peter & Cathie Trogden from Weems & Plath came and checked out  Isbjorn  before we left Annapolis. Weems & Plath is now the presenting sponsor for 'On the Wind' podcast for the full 2017!

 BC gang heading back to our boats on anchor, Mia and Rachel in Satori's dinghy. October 2016

 Visit our intern Liz at her collage in CT. Oct 2016

 New genoa getting fitted at Chesapeake Sailmakers in Annapolis! Aug. 2016

 Shakedown sail in Annapolis with friends, checking out the new genoa and jib from Chesapeake Sailmakers! Amazingly, all sail fit on first try! Oct. 2016

 Leaving the Chesapeake for a while! Slipping lines in Portsmouth, VA to head to the Caribbean. Nov 2016

 Sailing south from the Chesapeake to the BVI with C1500! Amazing winds the first couple of days! Crew Ed at the helm. Nov 2016

 Leg 10, the last leg of 2016 from Chesapeake to BVI. Awesome sailing! Nov. 2016

 Crew Bruce at the helm, great sailing south to the Caribbean in the C1500! Nov 2016

 Celebrating with a cold glass of bubble after crossing the finish line in C1500, from the Chesapeake to the BVI! Nov. 2016

 After crossing the finish line in the C1500 and reacing the BVI, we stopped for a morning swim. It was just spectacular, moon setting and sun rising! Nov 2016

 Andy's dad Dennis and crew on Sojourner arrived to BVI a few days after Isbjorn in the C1500. First time they both were out sailing at the same time but on different boats. November 2016

 Rafting up with Andy's dad on Sojourner in the BVI. Nov 2016

 Traveling back to Sweden for the holidays! Nov 2016

 Sunsets are pretty both at sea an on land! Dec. 2016

 Happy Thanksgiving, celebrated in PA with Andy's family! Amazing turkey from northmountainpastures.com!

 Christmas time in Sweden! Dec. 2016

 Andy chopping wood to keep the house warm in Sweden. Dec. 2016

 Lots of snow during our visit to Leksand, Dalarna (Sweden) Dec. 2016

See you in 2017!

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