Introducing “In-The-Way 1” & “In-The-Way 2”

16 Dec

Satori has two new warm blooded pets on board for the winter. After several stubbed toes and near falls, accompanied by several four letter words I wont mention here, they we’re unceremoniously dumbed “In-The-Way One” and “In-The-Way Two”. Then we drew cartoon eyes on them and took pictures in a fit of joy and enthusiasm. Now they adorn the nooks and crannies of the boat and are a bit easier to deal with due to their more life-like qualities. These two electric radiator heaters, combined with our Dickinson “Alaska” model diesel pot-heater, have done an admirable job in keeping the boat nice and toasty. All in all living in a marina is the height of luxury. We can actually step off the boat and be on land a moment later, an endless supply of water is available from a spigot just feet from the boat, and the entire city of Baltimore is at our fingertips once we’re through the marina gate. We often muse at the dichotomy of land life verses boat life and how trying to combine the two can have mixed outcomes. I’m sure this feeling is exacerbated by our ongoing quest to re-enter “normal” life. We’ve chosen to start our own businesses in order to maintain the autonomy afforded by being your own boss. Until now this has meant doing a ton of work without really seeing any return (read:money). We’re still fighting the good fight and July is still wide open for sailing adventures. Another interesting quark that has been manifesting itself lately is what I’m calling a “time warp”. We removed ourselves last year from everyone and everything we knew. Obviously the world kept turning and now that we’re back its tough to assign a mental “block of time” for the last year. For example, if a friend started a new job say last year, to us it seems like it happened only a month or two ago. It’s interesting that even with the world being more connected than ever, this “time warp” disconnect still remains. Perhaps it’s because the last year was full of such vivid and life changing events it shifted our focus into a very “in the moment” type of living and that somehow blocked out the rest of the world. I’ll end this slightly existential rant with another picture of the happy family. -LC

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