Extra: Chart Table Tour

12 Dec

Ever wonder what the chart table looks like, on an Open 60, that racing in the Vendée Globe? Skipper Rich Wilson gives you a tour of some of the instruments that are critical for his navigation, communication, and maneuvering, while sailing around the world.



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  1. B. Pachi

    Great video! The explanation of a “30 ton bulb” keel on a hinge got my attention! The lead fin keel on my C&C 36 is supposed to be 3 tons, so it was a huge surprise when he said that!! NO PUN INTENDED!

  2. Bruce Pentreath

    Thanks Rich – this is SUCH an inspiring video; for us wannabe Open60 skippers! Did I see 25 knots on the speed log? Ouch; I also like Rich’s calm description of the barometric pressure drops, the last one, and the one expected to be with him ‘tomorrow’….sail on!

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