What Is It?

8 Nov


I was working on a boat in a dry storage area in San Leandro, California, when I saw the boat above. What this strange aperture in its side? On closer inspection the outside of the aperture has fixed vents, made out of plywood:

This outside part does not rotate. In the middle is a galvanized steel pipe, which is designed to rotate, as it is supported by several carrier bearings athwartships:

But on the other side of the boat this axle just sticks out an inch through another hole in the topside, with nothing like the contraption on the starboard side:

I’ve been noodling on it for a few weeks and have absolutely no idea. It wasn’t some thoughtless lark, because the vent thing on the starboard side is very symmetrical, and took a lot of work.

A sideways jet engine? Some sort of revolutionary propulsion system? Something not even meant for water; an unrelated project for which a fiberglass runabout just seemed like the right raw material? I’m stumped.

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