Settling In For The Winter

25 Oct

14691015_1799951583627227_2839396493986102523_nNow that the dust has settled from this years boat show in Annapolis and we’ve moved the boat to her winter home just 30 miles north in the Patapsco river, I’ve begun to take stock of our new reality. We’re trying to make some money while we’re back in town but we’re nervous about getting too comfortable, committing to too much stuff. We both want to be able to take advantage of opportunities should they pop up. In the past I’ve been so over extended in normal life that dropping everything and chasing some far out opportunity has never been an option. Now we’re starting from nothing. Zero commitments. I’ve been trying to really take my time when deciding how I’m going to make money moving forward and still have flexibility in my life. Some may accuse me of having cake and eating it, but I think it can be done.

There have been many moments where I considered picking up the phone to try to get my old job back. The temptation of that steady check every week is almost overpowering at times. Then I remember how I felt back then and how I feel about life now. I’m happier now that I make 1/10 of what I used to – it doesn’t sound logical but removing all the static that excess income created has allowed me to focus on a few items with more presence.

The decision to live aboard this winter was made for a few reasons. Mostly, it is a financial one. We’re paying $521 a month for a 40 foot slip in Baltimore’s Fells Point Burrow. Somehow, thats a flat rate: electricity, water, trash and a parking spot included. We feel like that’s a pretty decent deal, especially since we know how much city water and taxes are in this city (a lot) because we pay them on our rental house just blocks away. The other major reason to live in Baltimore is the proximity to our work, our friends and family. My entire family lives just West of Baltimore. Most of our friends live in Baltimore and Philadelphia. All of our business pursuits this winter will take place on the boat or a few blocks away.

It’s fun being back in our home city. There was really no “moving”  to do: just sail the boat up here and tied it up. Done. Still the best part of living aboard is the ability to completely change your surroundings while having your home all the while. We know our way around the city and I’ve really enjoyed using the old touring bike to do all my errands.

Now it’s time to prepare the boat for the winter. Projects abound as usual (the one constant in the cruising life) we need to tweak our diesel heater installation, insulate the dorades and companionway, and wire the boat for shore power so we can get some heaters going.

One thing is for sure: Baltimore, you can expect the coldest, snowiest snowmageton sharknado winter ever. Satori and her crew have come to stay awhile.


^ Annapolis Boat Show!


^ Morning photo of Satori in Back Creek fog. Photo Credit: Mia Karlsson





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