Annapolis Boat Show 2016 Preview

6 Oct


It’s that time again! Today we got to wander around the show between helping out Andy and Mia on Isbjorn, their Swan 48. Come say hello (Dock H), We’ll be here all show! We saw some interesting new offerings that peaked my interest.

img_6916 img_6917

First off was the Bauer 8 Dingy. I’m a sucker for hard sailing dingy’s (currently building a sailing rig for my Eastport Pram) and this new offering from Bauteck Marine made me stop and stare. It’s 8’2 overall, has integral foam floatation, and some pretty seductive lines. The row boat is $1600 and the sailing version is $2,800. Both very competitive for the level of fit and finish.


Next was the”Ye Olde Cannon Maker” RGB Cannons , these puppies shoot blank 12 gauge rounds and sound real good doing it. The smallest rail mounted cannon starts at $499. After pleading for a demo I settled on a branded fridge magnet and some pictures.

img_6925 img_6929 img_6932

Up next is the CLC Teardrop Camper. While it might float, this is decidedly a non-marine item. However it does pull at the heartstrings of anyone who craves adventure, efficiency and functional beauty. It sleeps two and you can pull it with your compact car! A rear hatch reveals a galley and storage. A top rack allows you to carry kayaks and bikes. Kits start at $1800.

img_6935 img_6938 img_6942 img_6944 img_6951

And finally I saw the Allure 39.9. An aluminum hulled, swing keel boat similar to the Garcia 45. The Allure hulls are built in the same yard as the Garcias and then finished out by Allure. A fiberglass deck keeps the price down while the insulated aluminum hull still allows you to dry the boat out. Super Cool!

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for this years show. See you down there!



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    Yep, my appetite is all soggy ;)

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