Hermine Prep In Elizabeth City

2 Sep

Hermine Prep Satori ICW

We’re here in cruiser friendly Elizabeth City, NC, mile 50 of the ICW. As part of their mission to be the most cruiser friendly city on the ICW, the city provides a ton of free dockage. September (already?) is still pre-season for fall migration and we had our pick of the docks. We spent last night on a wall that was exposed to the south by the wide Pasquotank River. We decided to review the weather report in the morning choose our plan of action to ride out Hermine on Saturday. I heard there was a bulkhead north of the EC bridge that was much more protected than our current location. The other option was to head north and lock into the Dismal Swap. Several boats headed that way this morning. After motoring through the bridge, the aforementioned bulkhead looked well protected. We tied up and set about building some fender boards to protect the boat. The dingy came up on deck and was disassembled and stored, and we secured any loose items on deck. It felt like the morning before an offshore passage in terms of preparation. I didn’t feel the need to remove canvas as we shouldn’t be seeing hurricane force wind. If the situation for some reason deteriorates, we’ll be leaving the bulkhead all together and heading up river to anchor.

Preparing for this storm reminds me of last year when Hurricane Joaquin was predicted to come right up the Chesapeake Bay. We had just launched the boat and were overwhelmed with potentially having to weather a hurricane. We were only hours away from heading as far up the Severn River we could get and at the last minute, they started predicting it would head further offshore, which it eventually ended up doing.

So now we sit and wait for the rain and wind. Elizabeth City is a great place to be stuck for a few days. There’s a really great museum, bars and restaurants, and free city wifi! I’ll post again later about how bad it gets.


veiw from the boat cutting line

completed boards

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