Waiting On The Weather

20 Jun

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Every boat and crew has different thresholds for what they are willing to put up with. In my limited experience using GRIB files to plan voyages, I hope for the predicted winds and hedge against higher than predicted winds and seas. Even though I’m positive our boat can take just about anything, we voyage for the enjoyment of sailing. We don’t have to be anywhere at anytime. Its just not as fun to deal with 30kts and a large sea, we’ve done it – but I’d rather sit in port and drink cheap Panamanian beer. It’s important that I keep reminding myself we’re not on schedule as I’m very to quick to rationalize a weather window.

So here we sit, originally planning to leave last Wednesday for Providencia, CO some 258miles Northwest.  That forecast went to hell as did a Friday and a Sunday window. Our new plan is a Monday morning departure with maximum sustained winds of 20kts. Providencia remains under the hurricane belt at 13N so it provides a good stopping point to wait for a good window to head to Isla Mujeres, Mexico or direct to Miami, FL. I hear its also a beautiful place and a former pirate colony!

And with that, yes – we’re heading back toward the east coast of the United States for the summer! More on that later.



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