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23 Jun


6-20-16 1800

We hoist the dingy onto the deck and separate the two halves, nest them together and lash it amidships. Each of us knows the procedure by heart at this point – there’s no point in talking. Our thoughts lay to the north and in the future. The routine of departure settles upon the boat as the sun sets in the west. Always a contemplative time – the night before setting out on a voyage on the open ocean. No matter how well you hedge against the unknown, the sea is an expanse of wilderness that can never quite be predicted. Its a combination of both fear and excitement that make ocean voyaging what it is.

The boat has never been in better shape. We expect a smooth passage, albeit one with some squalls and rain, but I believe waiting as long as we have for a good widow will be worth it. We have every technical advantage. AIS to track the ships, radar to track the squalls, and our eyes and ears to double check all the electronics against what we see and hear. Some, with experience become complacent. I feel as we have become more experienced, we have become more careful. However like all things in life, only time will tell.

See you in Providencia.


I wrote this the night before we left Panama. The passage was tough – probably one of the toughest we had. Not because of the wind either, we spent 48 hours in an almost non stop thunderstorm. Constant lighting flashes for that long of a time really takes a toll on the mind.

But we made it without drama or issue. I broke the end of a batten on the main. I think the sail filled with water due to a crappy job tying it up and the weight twisted the fitting in a strange way. But other than that no issues with the boat and the little beta marine engine purred for almost 35 hours straight.

Now to provision and start talking to WRI about a window north to Mexico or Florida! The little island of Providencia is beautiful and we happened to show up on the first night of the annual culture festival.

Time to go investigate the “Coco-loco” drink I’ve been told they’ve perfected here.


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