Money Money Money. And Cruising.

30 Jun

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At this point we’re getting a decent idea of what it costs to cruise. We’re also realizing jumping right into in it has its downsides. The boat is 95% perfect. Which is kinda amazing considering we’ve never cruised before. Ideally we could have used the boat for a season and then taken care of the changes that have crept up. The issue is, I can think of numerous people I’ve met while refitting that are constantly tweaking the boat to be just right, yet never set off anywhere. I did not want to turn into one of these people. At least with “jumping in ready or not method” we left, we’re cruising, and we’re had some amazing experiences coupled with some moments of sheer terror. On the other side of it, at least we spent the time to make the boat seaworthy and didn’t just set off in some 35 year old hulk as I seen several people do.

Boats demand maintenance and upgrades regardless of how well they are fit out when going cruising. I also severely underestimated the amount of money we were going to spend in cruising permits and customs/immigration. Granted we could change the way we cruise and save more money by staying in places longer and deferring the maintenance on the boat – thats just not how we like to do things.

Here’s a breakdown of how I setup  the income for the trip:

After taxes, water, and insurance for all the rental properties we bring in about $2038 a month. Because of vacancy, maintenance and upgrades to the houses we budget $1400 a month for spending.

Some writing and random gigging/business income equals out to about $100 extra a month. We don’t figure that into the $1400 a month budget because its super variable.

The boat needs a few things that the aforementioned shakedown would have reveled: Batteries and a way of charging them. (I should write a book “world cruising on 280 amp hours of battery”) I’m pretty sure I’m going with a Honda generator because of its wide application over a wind generator. The boat is maxed out in solar.

I’m also sailing on borrowed time with the genoa and staysail we have on the boat. They’ll cost $1500 each when the time comes.

And finally we underestimated the importance of sun protection and a comfortable cockpit.

What does this all mean? Cruising costs as much as you have, and then some.

Here are some past month budgets entailing in detail what we spent:

December Budget

January Budget

February Budget


PS – I do understand we could cruise with out all the things I’ve mentioned above. We’re out here to have fun and enjoy living, not to get by on the minimal amount one needs to survive. It’s just our style of cruising.


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