Back To The Mainland

11 May


IMG_4161We’ve been back in the good old USA for about a month now. Originally a 2 week trip back home for a family wedding turned into a 3 week trip to see friends and record some music. Now we’re here for 2 months and 3400 miles into a 8,000 mile road trip. Currently I’m writing from a table overlooking the southern California coast. Talk about scope creep.

The reasons we decided to extend our trip back to the states are threefold. First, we needed a little time away from the boat. The whole year of getting the boat ready (this time last year the engine was not installed and the rig was only just stepped), quitting all land life activities, selling the house, quitting our jobs and having to learn how to live onboard took its toll on us. By the time we reached Panamarina we we’re feeling the need to get back to someplace where we felt a little more comfortable. I wanted to feel the cool spring evening air and bike down the well worn country roads I’ve known my whole life. I’ve heard about this Yin and Yang cycle between land and sea life that sailors deal with often, but only recently have I felt it myself.

It’s also really economical to keep your boat in Panama. We’re paying 90 cents per meter and that comes out to about $11 a day – you just can’t beat that. Satori is currently in the water and attached to 4 screw type moorings in a protected mangrove cove on the Panama coast.

Finally, I love the American west coast and need to share that with Rachel. I fell in love with the place during the Transamerica cycling trip last year. Since then, we’ve thrown around ideas of eventually keeping the boat in the PNW. So the fact that we find ourselves in SoCal at this point in time is no accident. On the contrary, I would call it “cruising ground shopping”.

So we return to the boat June 6th and the adventure will continue. Right now all plans are on the table for the summer season. Back to the east coast for a cruise up to Maine? Through the canal to the Pacific side of Panama? Back down to the enchanted San Blas Islands for months of island hopping bliss? All are possibilities and that is what makes this lifestyle so exciting!




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  1. Doreen Purcell

    Hi guys, Whatever you decide will be exciting, I’m sure.Been meaning to call you, Rache’ but we have been sick with some kind of cough and congestion like bronchitits that everyone has. I am better and Rolande just went on meds today. Miss you and love you. Keep us informed where you are going to be and when you get back to Satorii. Love you both.
    MomMom and Rolande

  2. Sue Elardo

    Lee and Rachel, this is so awesome!
    👍👍 Enjoy! I love the West Coast! Thank you for sharing.
    Love, Sue

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