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7 Mar



Here’s what it cost two American 28 year olds to cruise in February:

This time we managed to spend all but $250 of our budget in by the 4th of February. I blame my metabolism and our small battery bank. (battery charging). It was fun to do our first major resupply since the trip had started. As I write this we just refilled with diesel again in Jamaica for $2.50 a gallon! Pretty awesome. The categories are divided as usual. Cuban tourist currency (CUC) is roughly equal to the dollar, we used Euros to avoid the fee to change American Dollars, which is 10%. We’re still running about $250 over our monthly budget and taking the remainder from savings.

If you’re interested in the budget from last month you can find it here


Variable Expenses Actual Budgeted Over/Under
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 242.20 360.00 117.80 under
Groceries (incl. toiletries) 324.64 200.00 124.64 over
Alcohol 212.13 150.00 62.13 over
Boat Supplies/Repairs/Etc. 627.69 300.00 327.69 over
Travel 0.00 0.00 at budget
Technology (SIM Cards, etc.) 0.00 110.00 110.00 under
Cash 0.00 0.00 at budget
Donations 0.00 0.00 at budget
Extra 0.00 0.00 at budget
Total variable expenses 1,406.66 1,120.00 286.66 over
Percent of expenses 83.40% 80.00%


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Currency
Chat n’ Chill Bar – Drinks (2.2.16) $30.00 USD/Bah
Chat n’ Chill Bar – Beer for Book (2.3.16) $5.50 USD/Bah
Trash in George Town (2.5.16) $3.00 USD/Bah
Top II Bottom – Fishing Supplies (2.6.16) $11.60 USD/Bah
Trash in George Town (2.8.16) $6.00 USD/Bah
Redboone Café – Fries & Coke (2.8.16) $4.50 USD/Bah
Ferry To & From Town $4.00 CUC
Lunch @ Paladar $10.00 CUC
Pedicab Tour $23.00 CUC
Beerhall – 3 Beers $3.00 CUC
Lunch @ marina – 2 meals, salad, fries & 6 drinks total $18.75 CUC
Ferry To & From Town $4.00 CUC
Internet Card $2.00 CUC
Hotel Casa Grande – Drinks $4.50 CUC
Ferry to Cayo Grandma $6.00 CUC
Restaurante El Marino – Lunch @ Cayo Grandma $33.00 CUC
Lunch @ marina – 2 meals, drinks & ice cream $15.85 CUC
Ferry to castle (2) $2.00 CUC
Castle Entry $8.00 CUC
Sodas @ Castle $2.00 CUC
Taxi back from castle $5.00 CUC
Dinner @ hotel next door w/Aussies $15.00 CUC
Ferry To & From Town $4.00 CUC
Internet Cards (2) $6.00 CUC
Hotel Casa Grande – Lunch & Drinks $11.50 CUC
Beerhall – 4 Beers $4.00 CUC


Groceries Currency
Exuma markets (2.6.16) $304.29 USD/Bah
Hoggies Wholesale (2.6.16) $15.05 USD/Bah
6 Rolls @ Bakery $0.80 CUC
Veggies @ market (4 cucumbers, carrots, limes, tomatoes) $1.20 CUC
2 Packs of cookies $3.30 CUC


Alcohol Currency
BGS Liquor Store (2.6.16) $80.15 USD/Bah
John marshall (2.6.16) $87.98 USD/Bah
Beers from marina (2.28.16) $44.00 CUC


Boat Supplies/Repairs/Etc. Currency
Propane Refill (2.5.16) $32.00 USD/Bah
Gas for Sadie (2.5.16) $16.00 USD/Bah
Blue Charts (2.4.16) $44.99 USD/Bah
Diesel in George Town (2.6.16) $247.00 USD/Bah
Top II Bottom (2.8.16) $11.60 USD/Bah
Marina Bill – Check in, visas, dockage & anchoring fee & some beer from marina store $276.10 CUC


My lovely wife Rachel keeps track of all this amazing data!


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  1. Phil and Nancy Coker

    Your monthly bills a right on. We figure to spend around $1500 a month while having a good time. We stock up when we find a super price on things we know we will need. Keep it up

  2. Pat Byrnes

    Would be nice to know how much noise and diesel you got for money spent. Also the breakout for money at the marina/port of entry.

  3. Werner Kraus

    Spending money while cruising can be pretty erratic. Weeks where we didn’t spend a dime (while on a crossing) and then the big tickets when we hauled out and/or had repairs or replacement costs (we went through 3 mainsails). It’s the average that tells the tale. We found it’s cheaper to live while cruising especially when you’re in cheap places like SE Asia, Venezuela, Turkey, Russia also stay out of marinas where practical.

  4. Hendrik

    lol wow. there’s an alcohol budget which i appreciate you splitting out BUT the good bad and ugly starts with drinks and bar tabs and the boat supplies include “some beer from the marina store” could you try to actually split it out so that those less savvy drinkers can get an idea?

  5. Art Joseh

    Jack, not everyone feels your need to give away money. That is a personal decision and you should stop trying to put your values on others. Remember, not everyone is independently wealthy and, often times, cruisers are on a shoestring budget.

  6. Jack Scmidt

    Lots of booze and no donations to anyone or anything. That is “on budget” alright.

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