The Ragged Islands: Bahamas Found

17 Feb

Ragged island lobster

Since leaving George Town we’ve been heading down some lesser known Bahamian islands that run Southeast towards Cuba. I’ve been searching for these islands, where there are only a handful of cruising boats and the water still teems with fish and lobster. Well I’m happy to report the Jumento and Ragged Islands offer all of the above and more. While most of the islands only provide protection from the east, refuge can be found from all directions in some spots. There’s no water, food, gas, diesel, propane and only cell service/internet in Duncan Town on Ragged Island. I like to think that sailing down here is similar to what most of the Bahamas were like in the early days of cruising. It’s a place that rewards careful planning and punishes the unprepared. It’s been our best week yet!

On our most successful spearfishing trip we found some reef and rocks with half a dozen large lobster under them. One was intimidatingly huge and measured 2.5 feet in total. Conch lay everywhere for the taking and grouper stare at me from their coral fringed holes. I can’t believe the abundance of sea life in these islands. It’s just like the stories I’ve heard from people that had one too many beers at the bars back in Annapolis.

I sit here typing this in view of the aforementioned cell tower. In the morning we depart for the long forbidden island of Cuba. Our planned port of call is Santiago De Cuba, situated on the Southeast end of the island some 290 odd miles from our current position. It should be a fantastic sail with Northeasterly wind predicted through Friday. Since arriving in Marsh Harbor we haven’t done an overnight trip and I’m looking forward to getting back to ocean sailing. We re-rigged the jack lines, checked the engine and filled the water tanks. The boat is as ready to go as it’s ever been. Hopefully the next update will be with a mojito in my hand and a cigar in my mouth. Viva Cuba!


bahamas lobster ragged island bahama lobster

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