The Numbers Are In: January 2016 Cruising Budget

8 Feb

Eastport pram

They say budgets are made to be broken. Maybe they don’t say that but it sounds good when you’re trying to defend your broken budget. This month we managed to spend $539.55 more than we had said we would. The cause? Amazon. Even 800 miles away from home we can’t escape its pull. Not that I’m complaining that is. We had a bunch of little items like an external hard drive, skin suit, some spare vhf radios and a bunch of sail making and repair items. All told it came to about $500. Rachel’s parents packed an extra suitcase when they came down to visit and upon opening it felt like christmas morning!

I’m hoping* that our deficit we seem to be running (I write this on the 6th of February and we have 250 some odd dollars left) is due to the high costs in the Bahamas and not that we can’t make our $1400 a month limit work. Time will tell.








at budget 




539.55 over

Income less Expenses



539.55 over


Here’s the run down on our “extras” for the month.

All told it came to $717.08

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Cruiser’s New Year’s Day Regatta Party – Beers (1.1.16)


Laundry in Black Point (1.2.16)


Sailrite (1.3.16)


The Panama Cruising Guide (1.3.16)


Amazon Order – Lightning Charger, External Hard Drive Enclosure, DampRid, 2 VHFs (1.3.16)


Amazon Order – External Hard Drive & Workout Skirt (1.3.16)


Trash Disposal in Black Point 


Mooring Ball in Farmer’s Cay


Staniel Cay Yatch Club – Beers (1.11.16)


Splash in George Town – Pizza & Drinks (1.13.16)


Trash Disposal in George Town (1.15.16)


Rake N Skrap – Beers (1.15.16)


Chat ’N’ Chill – Lunch & Beers (1.17.16)


St. Francis Resort – 2 Beers  


Redboone Cafe – Burger & 2 Beers


Trash Disposal in George Town 


Groceries came to $326.26. I guess we like to eat.


Black Point Grocery Story – 10 lb flour, butter, minced garlic, sugar, powdered sugar (1.5.16)


Ice (1.8.16)


Isles General in Staniel Cay – Propane Refill ($40), Spinach, Lime, Cracker Barrel Cheese, Surgical Tubing  


Pink Store – 6 Ginger Beers, Sugar, Butter (1.11.16)


Exuma Markets (1.14.16)


Exuma Markets (1.18.16)


Exuma Markets (1.24.16)


Exuma Markets 


Alcohol came to $183.10. I’m actually pretty proud of the number. Unfortunately it was still $33.10 over the $150 alloted.


John Marshall George Town – Rum & Vita Malt (1.14.16)


John Marshall George Town – Case of Beer & Ice (1.15.16)


John Marshall George Town – Case of Wine & Rum (1.18.16)


John Marshall George Town – Case of Beer (1.15.16)


Finally is anything we spent on the boat. All together it was $323.11. This should be lower in February since we’ve just been hanging out in George Town and have not really gone anywhere.

Boat Supplies/Repairs/Etc.

Staniel Cay Yacht Club – Gas for Sadie (1.1.16)


Diesel @ Staniel Cay (1.8.16)


Darville Lumber Co. – Thinner, Orings, Chip Brushes (1.16.16)


Top II Bottom (1.25.16)


So that’s what it cost us to cruise for January, 2016. Hopefully February will be cheaper as we will be getting south of George Town and then onto Cuba. But you know what they say…


P.S – Rachel just posted a big album of photos of our times in George Town on Facebook. Check them out!

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