Reading on board: ebook or print?

15 Feb

In 2007, Jamie added bookshelves to Totem. LOTS of bookshelves. We felt important to accommodate our family before moving aboard. At the time, ereaders were relatively nascent. Reading needs at our kids’ ages then—4, 6, and 9—better aligned with print books than screens. I could not justify what was then the equivalent of a month’s […]


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  2. Christine Kling

    Great post! I’m still surprised at how few cruisers have embraced e-readers. And there are lots who don’t know they can put the Kindle app on their tablets and smart phones. They don’t need dedicated readers. It is so great having such a huge library at our fingertips. Gone are the days of blind swaps of book bags. We once got over 30 Louis L’Amor westerns!

    By the way, I tried to read this article on Sail Feed, and I couldn’t get it to expand to the full version. I had to click through to your site.

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