The Sixth Annual Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Award

15 Jan

And The Winner Is …

The sixth annual Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image awards were given out last December. Here is a look at the top five photos from the competition as chosen by the public.


Photographer: Jesus Renedo

Number 5




Photographer: Martina Orsini

Number 4



Photographer: Stefan Coppers

Number 3



Photographer: Brian Carlin

Number 2


Winner: Rick Tomlinson


Photographer Rick Tomlinson took home the Public Award for this shot of Team Brunel sailing past Cape Horn during the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race.



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  3. Mike

    Hi Peter,Whichever diameter holes you drill will be lalgery determined by the bolts and we tend to max out holes drilled in the 19mm battens at about 5/16 (about 8mm), preferably closer to 1/4 (6mm) and when drilling the backstay flicker, make sure to drill half way through, flip and then drill through the other side. With a unidirectional fiber, it can blow out if you drill all the way through. As for distance, it would be a case by case basis and without physically seeing the mast, it’s hard to say. As long as you can get two holes, and they’re not right on top of each other, it should be plenty enough to secure the flicker.Cheers,Team RBS

  4. Codybear

    #3 is just silly and a photoshop photo certainly does not belong in the top 5. Excluding the helmsman and the guy on his back, the other two were photoshopped in. Unless this was taken on a planet with minimum gravity, the guy in the middle of the boat is being held up by nothing and the guy on the backstay has neither his hands or thumbs wrapped around the backstay. And if he was truly that strong to hold his body out, the backstay isn’t and would be not be a straight line. Obviously, readers of sailfeed weren’t given a chance to vote.

  5. Howard Rosenberg

    #2 & #3 are obviously from the eyes of a NON-sailor. #1 & #4 are more likely to be enjoyed by those of us who enjoy sailing. I would enjoy #5 if there was more of the sails and hull of Rambler in the picture. Very impressed with #1. It can get nasty off the Cape.

  6. Ralph Ahseln

    You say “Public”, just what was the number of votes ? Were they from magazine subscribers of the magazine (That would be a Select Few) or from the general public ? Transparency Please !

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