Breaking (down) The Budget: Decemeber

24 Jan

In an effort to be as transparent as possible about how much it costs to cruise, here are the December numbers!






at budget 




106.65 under

Income less Expenses



106.65 under 

So where did all that money go? Heres the breakdown for our luxury items which Rachel has Lovingly named: The Good, Bad and Ugly.
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Capn Jacks – Lunch (12.1.15)


Budda’s Snack Shack – Lunch (12.5.15)


Macheti (12.5.15)


Lee’s Book


Wild Orchid – 2 Beers & Conch Fritters (12.10.15)


Bahamas Guidebook


Staniel Cay Bar (12.16.15) 


Laundry (12.21.15)


UV Skin Suit (12.22.15)


Amazon Order (12.21.15)


Staniel Cay Yacht Club – Lunch (12.31.15)


Staniel Cay Yacht Club – Drinks (12.31.15)


All together thats $424 on stuff we really didn’t need to buy.
Next up is groceries, we ate a good amount from our stores this month but the Bahamas is extremely expensive so as we move southwest I expect this to stay about the same or only increase $75 – $100.


Lobster (12.5.15)


Garlic & Butter (12.5.15)


Spanish Wells Food Fair (12.7.15)


Ice (12.7.15)


Isles General Store & Inn – Eggs, Butter, 2 Limes (12.17.15)


Pink Pearl Groceries (12.17.15)


Burke’s Convenience Staniel Cay (12.21.15)


Pink Pearl Groceries (12.29.15)


Burke’s Convenience Staniel Cay (12.30.15)


Pink Pearl Groceries (12.30.15)


Burke’s Convenience Staniel Cay (12.30.15)


All together that’s $225.25 on food.
Now for the fun one, alcohol. Beer is extremely expensive so we’ve taken to drinking rum for our sundowners.


J&R Liquor (12.5.15) – Rum & Wine


Staniel Cay Liquor (12.17.15) – Rum


Staniel Cay Liquor (12.21.15) – Rum


$85 altogether for alcohol.
Last up is boat supplies. Not terrible this month, we bought 40 gallons of diesel and a spares kit for the outboard.

Boat Supplies/Repairs/Etc.

Boat Supplies/Repairs/Etc.

Spanish Wells Marine & Hardware – Fuel (12.5.15)


R&B Boatyard – Tape & Varnish (12.7.15)


Spanish Wells Marine & Hardware – Screws (12.7.15)


Cumberland Watersports Inc – Outboard Supplies (12.21.15)


$304.98 for boat supplies.
The two other items for this month not included so far is $73.45 for a simcard and data plan and $280 for our international health insurance.
So in summary, it looks like we need to chill on the eating and drinking out. It’s hard to do when you’re hanging out with people and get invited to the bar. We’ve also spent a fair amount of money buying beers in order to use the establishments internet. I’ve discovered I’m addicted to the internet however I’m slowly weening myself off the fiber connection I had become accustomed to.
Rachel has posted a giant album of pictures to the facebooks. It’s on our Facebook page that you can “like” if you want to stay up to date whenever theres a new post on this blog.

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    This is terrific info. It parallels our life ashore,only the money goes in a different direction here.

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