Party Boat Mishap

22 Sep

This video has been bouncing around Facebook, and the more times I watch it the more bizarre it gets. For example:

1. It appears that many of the people falling off the foredeck are naked, or at least the first guy is.
2. A man jumps from the bridge just after the people fall in, apparently to help people in the water. He appears to be wearing swim fins? Did he just happen to be wearing fins at the time?
3. There are screams and there is laughter and the footage is kind of grainy. It might be a “Funny party boat crash” or some of those people could have been really hurt.
4. Obviously the boat was dangerously overloaded, but it didn’t look that bad for a cruise on flat water: maybe 6-8 people on the foredeck and a few extra on the bridge? Why did it roll like that?
5. The deep roll either killed the engine or knocked the helmsman out, because the boat sort of coasts off into a gentle crash with the dock. If someone had still been at the helm I’d think they would have put it in reverse.

I think…

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