Well Shucks, Hydroptere

29 Jun

Posted June 29, 2015 by KL

Most boats making 12+ knots down the Transpac course to Diamond Head would be making good time.

But when it’s Hydroptere, doing the zig-zag thing, it’s not a good look.

For two years, Alain Th├ębault has been chasing his dream of a Transpac course record. Chasing, that is, the sponsorship to take a shot at what could almost have been a slam dunk, had the tradewinds of the Pacific provided the horsepower.

Alain’s enthusiasm is infectious, and he has a great group aboard. I can’t help feeling disappointed for them and for Alain, especially. Hydroptere was the first boat that ever showed me 44 knots, and even that is well shy of the onetime world record holder’s fastest sprint.

That was a shot at Transpac’s “course” record. Next up, Lending Club’s shot at the Transpac Race record, which could include a course record, if all goes just right.

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