The Best of Intentions

29 May


I don’t recall ever having looked forward to the start of a sailing season as much as this one. At the end of March I was still negotiating snowbanks on sidewalks, and it was impossible to get near the boat in its lair on Boston’s north shore for the thigh-high drifts in the yard. Hopefully, by the time you read these words I’ll be immersed in the joyous task of removing 10 years of bottom paint and that long winter of discontent will be a fast-receding memory. In fact, after holding a sander at head height for a few hours I’ll probably be missing the snow.

At least the winter from hell provided plenty of opportunity to map out the year’s sailing. In my neck of the woods cruising sailors either head Down East for the beautiful yet frigid waters of Maine and perhaps Nova Scotia, or south of Cape Cod for the more temperate yet crowded delights of Buzzards Bay, Narragansett Bay or Long Island Sound. My intentions—I try not to use the word “plans” in connection with sailing, having had to change them so often—are to head northeast in early summer until I’ve had enough of fog, and south in September—all the way to Florida, hopefully. Take that, winter! I wish you all a fantastic season; may all your sailing intentions come to pass.

Speaking of Long Island Sound, this magazine will be presenting the first-ever “SAIL U” next month in Essex, Connecticut. Join us for all or part of this five-day festival of sail, where you can look over a great lineup of new and used cruising boats and attend a wide range of seminars hosted by experts. Learn how to take care of your diesel, set your boat up for offshore sailing, troubleshoot refrigeration and air conditioning, navigate like a pro and much more. There’s something for everyone, and you won’t want to miss it. Dates are June 2-7; for a full seminar schedule and to sign up, go to


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