Schooner Mahdee & Bootstrap Adventure

3 Feb

Andy spoke with Brenda of the schooner Mahdee, which is currently berthed in California. Brenda and her husband David got inspired to go sailing in their college years while on a cycling trip around Lake Superior. Eating from a camp stove, they looked at a sailboat on the lake and thought, ‘that’s how we ought to travel!’

Years went by, and Brenda and David traveled all over the world following his career as a Navy Pilot while Brenda picked up Engineering jobs. Finally, in 2006, their dream came true when they bought and begant the lengthy restoration of the classic 1931 schooner Mahdee. Since launch, they’ve cruised the west coast as far as Alaska, and are full-time liveaboards, having sold everything ashore to follow their dream. Check out Mahdee’s transformation on

Their latest project is Bootstrap Adventure (, where they’re attempting to create a marketplace for outdoor adventurers to buy and sell gear, knowledge and experience.

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  1. Brenda & David on Schooner Mahdee

    Thanks so much Andy for the opportunity to talk with you about sailing a classic yacht, the 1931 Crocker Schooner Mahdee. And thanks for the kind words from all of you. We absolutely love the opportunity to sail this amazing boat. This year it was Alaska, who knows what’s next but we’re always looking for other classic yachts in the anchorages and marinas as we travel.

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  3. Jackie Parry

    A stunning boat and a classic – wonderful to see boats like these used today! Thanks for sharing – gorgeous! (PS well done tackling Lake Superior, we did the Great Lakes during our Great Loop Escapade – but weren’t brave enough to stick our nose into Lake Superior! :-)

  4. DeWayne Daniel

    Love the Schooner Mahdee David and Brenda are down to earth and sail a true beauty of a schooner. We all come from the sea and most of us yearn to return. I get great joy knowing it might be one day possible to follow in their wake. Meanwhile I pay attention to their advice in how to achieve this dream. I pray God keeps your sails full and provides you with safe passage.

  5. Lynda

    Looks fantastic! I love the old classics isn’t she a beauty! What a great story. Sharing on my page and wishing them the best of luck :)

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