The Wreckage from Odile

20 Sep

Posted September 20 by KL

Mark Drewelow of YachtAid Global sends this word:

Many of you may be following the news about the damage that hurricane Odile left behind as she passed across the Baja Peninsula. As refugees continue streaming out of the area aboard flights out of La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo, the stories are getting out.

Make no mistake, the area is devastated. The two main city areas are Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. These cities are about 18 miles apart. Between them is the area called The Corridor. The two cities and The Corridor are ground zero of this tragic unfolding natural disaster and humanitarian crisis.

For three decades now this part of Mexico has played host to yachts of all sizes and shapes, one of the key areas for yachting in the country.

YachtAid Global is doing everything possible to move aid into the area and provide whatever assistance we can to our friends, business partners and neighbors to the south.

Here is what we need from you:

1. Funds. With natural disasters, funding during the first days is critical. Click here to go to our donation page. It is easy to make a donation by credit card and we are a registered non profit organization.

2. Like Kind Donations. Donate the critical immediate needs items outlined on our home page YachtAid Global.

3. Volunteers. We need to get in contact with every private boat large or small that is leaving any port from Juneau Alaska on down to Ensenada that has plans to move south into or past Mexico in the coming weeks and months. Same with any private boats intending to transit the Panama Canal into the Pacific and head north or boats currently in Central America and Mexico that are planning to go north. Every boat can be part of the recovery support and have a meaningful impact. Contact YachtAid Global for more info on how to get involved.

4. Forward This Info. The reach of our collective network is vast. The yachting industry can and will play a major role in helping our friends and neighbors to the south stabilize and slowly recover. Please take a few seconds and forward this info to people you know.

Looking back a little further:

Sailing Yacht M5

“On September 14 YAG founder Mark Drewelow pitched relief assistance to the Captain of M5 sitting in safe harbor of Puerto Vallarta. September 15 Captain agrees and he and his crew head out and purchase urgent needs items like canned food, first aid supplies, tarps rope, portable generator, water containers and more. At 2100 same evening they cast off as hurricane Odile is working over La Paz.

At 0900 September 17 M5 drops anchor off La Paz, seems they were the first on scene with disaster relief. It took some hours to get safety assessments completed and to determine where to tie up to move aid ashore. September 18 at 0900 they tie up, move aid ashore and start pumping fresh drinking water into tanker trucks.

Trucks depart and take water out to two key facilities, the hospitals in both San Jose Del Cabo and in Cabo San Lucas. M5 has now been making water continuously into the 3rd day and three more to go. They are providing the most critically needed commodity after any devastating natural disaster, DRINKING WATER. There is a lot of planning and hour by hour logistical coordination involved to pull this off and it is not an entirely safe operation due to the nature of being in a natural disaster zone.”

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