Hurricane Odile: Carnage in La Paz

16 Sep

There is frustratingly little news coming from La Paz, Baja California, but the little I’ve received is disheartening. There’s lots of coverage about Cabo San Lucas, which you can see here.

La Paz is a major sailing center, with hundreds of cruising boats anchored off and moored in marinas at any given time. Apparently when Odile hit the wind was roughly out of the south, somewhat diminished from when it made landfall in Cabo, but with winds still around 100 MPH. On this map you’ll see La Paz, and just northwest of La Paz, across the bay, is a low-lying sand spit called El Mogote:
la paz map

Apparently most of the boats at anchor dragged onto El Mogote. I have one friend who’s boat ended up on El Mogote and is most likely a total loss. He wasn’t aboard. Another friend stayed aboard (shiver me timbers), rode it out onto El Mogote, and her boat is fine: it just needs to be pulled off the beach.

All of the marinas are on the La Paz waterfront, so there theoretically wouldn’t have been any fetch to build up waves, but with winds strong enough to blow out windows and blow down power poles, there must be serious damage.

The best news, and the only photos I can find, are on our friends the Kaufman’s blog

If anyone has more information, please pass it on.

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  1. DeeDee Brown

    We just heard from Tom who caretakes our boat Sunshine (Cruiser’s Supply/Big Left Turn )at Marina Palmira

    Just a very brief note to everybody….

    Every boat in our fleet came thru with flying colors….there are a few scratch’s…..but not one single boat has any form major damage….

    I remained with the boats until the winds went over 80 MPH, I just could not walk any more and the rain hurt! Marina Palmira saw a peak of 107 on one boat and 108 on another

    There is a massive rescue operation going on right now for over 35 boats lost, sunk or beached with 3 people missing. Jeanne has taken control of the entire operation, and is dispatching crews all over the La Paz water front.

    I will send photos to each boat owner when inter net is better…..but no worries down here. the infrastructure is gone, Cabo air port will be possibly a month out of service….

    I will get more out as soon as I can….

  2. Clark Beek

    Thanks a million. I’ll add the link to the post. So far I haven’t seen the names of the boats I’m looking for, and we’ll hope that’s good news.

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