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9 Sep

G’day. As many of you know, there was a press conference last night (I mean, today) in London (London?) regarding plans for the next competition for the alleged America’s Cup, allegedly held in trust by the Golden Gate Yacht Club of San Francisco.

The affair was attended by the skipper of the defending team, Jimmy Spithill, and the skippers of five challengers representing Italy, France, New Zealand, Sweden, and the UK. Apparently the organizational structure of the event does not presently support someone who could deliver a summary of events. Meanwhile, I have other matters on my plate and little interest in sitting through a video of the proceedings. I’ll find out soon enough. But for those who must have it now, here it is:

Of more interest to some of us, frankly, Sailing Anarchy today published the SFPD report on the death of Andrew Simpson (the Artemis breakup) along with a defense of its, shall we say, underwhelmed reporting of America’s Cup Progress.

Timing is everything.

I said that—Kimball

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