Frosty Defender/Challenger Relations in AC?

15 Jul

Stuart Alexander, writing in The Independent, recounts a weekend meeting in Los Angeles between Oracle Racing and the six committed, or would-be committed, challengers for America’s Cup 35. The challengerslaid down a number of peeves.

The lack of an announced venue.

The lack of San Francisco.

The lack of an announced PRO.

The plan to split the venue, possibly between hemispheres.

The absence of (my words) adult supervision of the process, with a deadline for entries mere weeks away and all the above making planning and fundraising harder than they have to be.

Stuart is a consummate veteran of Cup matters, and his information comes by way of his contacts at Ben Ainslie Racing. It’s his story, and he tells it here.

Thanks to Gilles Martin-Raget for the (slightly altered) pic.

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