CA-Wide Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags?

10 Jul

A word from Save the Bay

California could finally pass a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags (SB 270) in the next few months. This is California’s fourth try at passing a bag ban. What’s different this time? Mainstream business organizations like the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the California Grocers Association are lining up behind the ban.

The fact that bag bans are finally palatable to both businesses and consumers is due in large part to the fact that Save The Bay has demonstrated the value of a consistent regional approach to regulating bags. By working locally to pass city-by-city and countywide ordinances, and even achieving collaboration between counties, we’ve proven that bans work to keep plastic out of our waterways and don’t harm businesses.

It’s remarkable that an idea once considered controversial has become mainstream so quickly. In just four years of advocacy by Save The Bay, most Bay Area municipalities have banned single-use plastic bags. The fact that every Bay Area legislator is expected to support SB 270 is validation for our work and the support you’ve given to enable it. The bill should go to the Assembly floor for a full vote in early August.

This article was syndicated from BLUE PLANET TIMES


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