Solo Transpac On the Ocean

29 Jun

A crisp seabreeze on San Francisco Bay proved more than enough to get 20 entries in the Singlehanded Transpacific Race upwind and out the Golden Gate on Saturday, bound for Hanalei Bay, Kauai in the 19th edition of the event.

There appears to be a solid northwesterly flow over the near-Pacific west of San Francisco, and even with a three-hour delay built into the Yellowbrick tracking the early north-south spread of the fleet is evident.

Peter Heiberg is shown farthest south in his PJ-50, Scaramouche V, and Al Germain looks farthest north in his Wylie 30, Bandicoot. Right in the middle of the pack is the veteran of veterans in this race, The General, Ken Roper, at 85 sailing his 13th race in his Finn Flyer 31, Harrier.

As in every Pacific crossing, the first few days at sea are about crossing the coastal zone of northwesterlies and “picking a lane” farther south or farther north as the wind fairs to become the trade wind that blows toward Blue Hawaii. The rhumb line, aka the straight line, is the northern route. Southern routes often have more wind, enough of it to compensate for extra mileage, and in judging that balance the art of navigation meets the science of navigation.

The Pacific Cup’s Race Village at Richmond Yacht Club opens with festivities tomorrow. Learn more here.

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