Wanted: Ride to 1985

3 Apr

I received a package today that contained three mysterious items called “cassettes”.  As I understand it, these are audio recording units from the paleolithic.  I need a quick ride back to the mid-1980s to pick up a boom-box, Sony Walkman, or similar.  Anyone with a time machine who can help me out, please leave a note in the comments.  I can pay in hilarious tales of life aboard or in cupcakes – your choice.


  1. Dave S

    Amy, the faces are priceless! Would have answered sooner but went on a sailing vacation. Not cruising but still on the water a bit. Now back in the mountains freezing with the wood stove cranked up. As for a time machine… try the local library. Ours have old equipment that I think you can still check out. Might find something similar where you are. Good luck!

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