A Win for Sailing Yacht Research

3 Apr

Posted April 3, 2014

Or we could title this, Ambitious Programs R Us.

In 2014, the first $100,000 nets $200,000 for SYRF, the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation, and we’ll come back to that and—

I know you may not have heard of the Sailing Yacht Research Foundations, except, now you have.

SYRF-logoSYRF is carrying on the work of the MIT/Pratt project begun more than 30 years ago. That study generated what eventually became our ORCi and ORR rating systems of 2014, but as anyone would know who has ever had a conversation about yacht handicapping, there’s always room to improve.

As described by SYRF, “The tens of thousands of bits of information that comprise the intricate measurement requirements – drag and velocity, as well as handicaps and countless other standardized ratings for offshore racing sailboats – have to come from somewhere. That somewhere is the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation . . . While sailors strive to optimize the designs of their boats in an effort to ensure a greater chance of winning, SYRF helps to level the proverbial playing field. Through the use of technological advances in hull design, studies, tests and anticipates, SYRF attempts to “beat the rule” through the exploitation of flaws in the system. SYRF provides the technological capability to minimize those potential flaws. But this takes constant research and development so that rule-makers can properly model the fundamentals of yacht performance, staying on top of optimization trends.”

With a board of Stan Honey, Steve Benjamin, Gary Weisman, Scott Weisman and Jim Teeters, there’s no credibility gap here.

They’ve been a going concern since 2006, but SYRF is raising its profile. The Sailing Yacht Research Foundation today announced that it has reached its first 2014 fundraising goal of $100,000, qualifying for a matching grant from an anonymous donor. Now it’s fast-forward on the wide/light boat project. As in, addressing the realities of the new boats—Kimball

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