Sojourner heading north from Bahamas

28 Mar

Sojourner, 28th March 2014, 10.00 EST

Sojourner, 28th March 2014, 10.00 EST

I got a phone call from Andy this morning from the Sat Phone. The number start with 8816.. so it is easy to spot. Everyone who has been following the weather (or just looked outside the window the last couple of days) know it is not ideal conditions out there. Noting dangerous, but not as ideal as the 15kt from behind and blue sky like they had on their last passage up to the Bahamas.

They left yesterday morning so this phone call was about 24 hr out. Andy felt a bit seasick and had a patch on for the first time. He never had to hang over the side, but just could not finish making dinner in the galley. So it is a bit bumpy out there, but it sounds like they are having a good time.

When Andy called the were at the position 28° 51′ N / 078° 25′ W. You can see it better on the picture at the top of this post,  basically off Orlando, but a bit further out.

The plan is to head into Jacksonville or somewhere along the coast,maybe go on the ICW for a bit and then head out again if the weather gets better.

I will update their position if I her from them again, so check back sometime tomorrow.


Mia, the shore team :)

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  1. Andy Schell

    We both have tried they patch and make everyone we sail with try it (or any seasick medicine they are planning to use offshore) on dry land before trips. I should have written “Andy had a patch for the first time offshore”.

    It is still amazing to me that I always gets seasick, and Andy doesn’t, so I it must have been a bit bumpy out there.

    Thanks Paul for the comment! Cheers, Mia

  2. paul shard

    Hi Mia & Andy,

    I hope the passage goes well and weather improves! In your post you mention Andy “had a patch on for the first time”.

    On board Distant Shores we have had quite mixed experience with “the Patch”. I would recommend anyone who hasn’t used the patch would try it first at home or on a simple day sail. Although a number of people like the patch, many people have had mood swings and even hallucinations. Better to try it when you are not out on a long passage. And since the person wearing it is not aware they are affected, family can point it out if they start saying they are seeing Panda Bears!

    Fair Winds

    Paul Shard
    SV Distant Shores II – BVI

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