Freediver ‘Base Jumps’ at Dean’s Blue Hole

21 Mar

I’ve never quite understood the appeal of competitive freediving, in much the same way that I don’t get why people choose to run marathons through a desert in the middle of summer. My friend George Stoyle once told me about his fleeting obssession with freediving quarries in England and and for a moment I was three years old again, standing open-mouthed and asking ‘Why?, Why?, Why?’ while he described diving into pitch black, freezing cold water where you only know you’ve hit bottom when your hand sinks into icy black muck, you come up with a nosebleed as often as not, and every now and then people die.
This video is a bit different. It shows a freediving ‘base jump’ at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas, which is the world’s deepest blue hole. It’s impressive enough as it stands, but while you’re watching it consider this- the video was shot by the diver’s girlfriend, Julie Gautier and she didn’t have any scuba gear either. ┬áThe ending is particularly beautiful, as Guillaume Nery vaults hand-over-hand up the side of a vertical cliff towards the surface.

This article was syndicated from Safe At Harbour But Meant For The Sea: DIY Sailing with Paul Calder


  1. Wes Newman

    Strongly agree with Phil. Many (not all) videos on this site are not iOS compatible so Apple users (iPad in my case) are out in the cold. Guys, it’s 2014 – get with the times.

  2. Phil Perfitt

    “plugin not supported”. As one of many millions of Android users, I am unable to view the Flash video you posted here. I urge you to post multi media in an Android compatible format. Meanwhile, I can’t spend much time reading Sail feed posts.

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