Beginning the Journey Home

27 Mar

“So go and tell the boys for me we’re leavin’ here today!”

That Blaggards song was playing on my last run in Marsh Harbor this morning, and its in my head now as we prep for departure. The short, but likely difficult, as its March, hop offshore to the US east coast and ultimately Annapolis represents the final stage of Sojourner’s journey home from St. Lucia.

We’ve got an awesome crew – me, Dad, Billy Rudek and Tom Herrington, who sailed with us earlier rom St. Croix. Plan is to depart here within the hour and aim for Charleston. Another cold front is on the way. If the forecast holds, we have until Saturday night to be somewhere sheltered. If we get caught out it won’t be dangerous, but it wont be pleasant either. They’re calling for 25-35 knots fom the N-NE off Hatteras on Monday, and that’d be unpleasant indeed. So well leave here on a nice SE’ly breeze and see where we end up!

As usual, ill try and keep this updated with our position as we go. Thanks for reading!

-Andy & the Sojourner Crew

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