ALEX THOMSON: Making a Fashion Statement

4 Mar

Alex Thomson with fish

Who wouldn’t want to be Alex Thomson? He’s suave and sophisticated and has enjoyed the longest running full-on sponsorship in professional sailing. Hugo Boss has been financing his racing career since 2003 and recently re-upped with a new four-year deal. Alex was so pleased he scored a fancy new suit and went for a walk:

I don’t really follow fashion, so maybe someone out there can tell me what kind of suit it is. I think I’d like one just like it. ;)

I’ll take one of those boats, too. What really blows my mind is what a good job they do sailing it literally on its ear while Alex sashays up the spar.

Alex Thomson mast walk

Compare this stunt to the last one from a couple of years ago, when Alex decided to go for a stroll on his keel, and you’ll see they have definitely improved their technique.

Thanks to Hugo Boss, Alex has a pretty nice schedule in front him: the 2014 Ocean Masters New York-Barcelona Race, the 2014 Barcelona World Race, and of course the 2016 Vendee Globe.

Alex Thomson airborne

I’m sure he has a few more cool suits in his wardrobe as well.


  1. Jet

    That was funny, when you said you knew nothing about fashion. Great video, that man can Mastwalk. Like a Boss.

  2. Steve Ward

    How cool! A friending forwarded the same to me from another website.

    I’m wonder HOW did they get the boat to sail so far over. I’m speculating that it has something to do with the fancy hull gear: twin rudders, canting keel and and big lee boards.

    What do you think? Seems the boat wouldn’t naturally sail that far heeled over unless an artificial weight was applied.

    Austin, TX

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