Blasts from the US Sailing Confab

10 Feb

US Sailing logoTime to put a US Sailing decal on the car.

My rides have long flown a US Sailing logo, but somehow I never got around to adding one of those decals to the little white car. Now, coming out of the Leadership Forum in San Diego, I’m feeling so good that I have to make the add. Four days of upbeat energy. Six hundred attendees plus. A full notebook and hours of recordings in the bank.

Here’s a sampler. Full disclosure: All “quotes” are approximate.

Bill Lee on the Universal Measurement System, in development, to make it possible to get your boat measured once and then sail under any handicap system:

“You’ll only have to go to the dentist once.”

Peter Harken on the sartorial habits of the yachtsman:

“Yachting casual is a lot like yachting formal. You can look a little like a bum, or you can look a little like a bum in a blazer.”

Chief Umpire for the America’s Cup Mike Martin, on the visualization technology of Liveline:

“The only thing it couldn’t tell us about overlaps was if we had a vertical overlap, which did happen.”

Jim Clark on the J Class:

“Very soon there will be seven or eight boats racing.”

Josh Adams on developing the US Olympic Sailing Team:

“Mark Littlejohn spent days studying the bay at Rio de Janeiro, and he called [fellow coach] Luther Carpenter from the top of Sugar Loaf and told him, ‘I’m looking at flat water and light air. This is Paige Railey’s body of water.”

Rich Wilson on racing the Vendee Globe:

“In the Pacific there was a boat 1,000 miles ahead of me and a boat 1,000 miles behind me. The closest humans were the people on the Space Station.”

And, finally, from Kate Neubauer of 11th Hour Racing:

“I was trying to explain the America’s Cup to a girlfriend who has absolutely no idea. I told her that it is this thing that happens occasionally. It’s innovative and destructive to the status quo, and to the right people it’s fascinating and compelling and it just takes over. She was quiet for a while, then she brightened up and said, ‘Oh, it’s like FASHION WEEK!’ ”

Footnote: The US Sailing Leadership Forum was held in San Diego, home to a number of fine sailing institutions, including the San Diego Yacht Club, host to the upcoming Puerto Vallarta Race and worthy of a hearty salute for its present flagship, a handsome Naples Sabot. No, not this one. This was a centerpiece for the opening of the Forum. SDYC’s flagship is a fine-looking sistership owned by Sabot stalwart Chuck Sinks. Southern California has grown generations of great sailors in boats just like this. I like it.


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