Podcast: John Harries Announces the launch of the Ideal Ocean Cruising Boat, the ‘Adventure 40’

2 Jan

John Harries of Attainable Adventure Cruising chatted with Andy to announce news of the ‘Adventure 40’ ocean sailing yacht. John has many, many thousands of miles crossing oceans (most recently in his 56′ McCurdy & Rhodes aluminum cutter), mostly in the far North Atlantic and high latitudes of the Arctic. That experience led him to believe that the ideal ocean going production sailing yacht doesn’t exist – yet. Now, thanks to John’s ideas and to the design and engineering of Erik de Jong, it does. John and Andy discussed how the idea came about, John’s specifications for the ideal ocean cruising boat, and how the whole thing came together. It was a fascinating 50 minutes, and really refreshing to hear from someone I admire sharing the same ideas when it comes to ocean sailing. Thanks for the chat John, and come back to the show soon!

This article was syndicated from 59 North, Ltd.


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  2. Eric Locklear

    I just finished listening to this and what great passion and vision from John. I’ve never been offshore but he makes me want to sell everything and bugout on an adventure.

  3. Ronald Horton

    A very interesting and informed podcast. Nice job Andy and John.
    Congratulations on the new house.

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